Kosagaigarh is a village situated 25 kms off Korba-Katghora Road on the hillocks of Putka Pahad. This was built by Raja. Natural walls protect it and so only at some parts the builders felt the need of constructing walls. From this place, which is situated 1570 feet from the sea level, a big part of Korba district is visible.

At the main entry point of the fort there is a tunnel like passage, where there is space for only one person can walk.

During war the soldiers of the king used to prevent the enemy by rolling down big stones from the fort.

Remains of ancient structures like etc. are scattered around the hill. The fort is hidden in the dense forest, which is the home for wild animals like beer, leopard etc.

  • Kosgaigarh Ancient Structures
  • Kosgaigarh Putka Mountain
  • Kosgaigarh Fort
  • Ancient Structures
  • Kosgaigarh is situated in Putka Mountain
  • Kosgaigarh Fort Entrance

How to Reach:

By Air

Swami Vivekanand Airport Raipur is the nearest airport. (200 KM)

By Train

Korba Railway station, 25KM.

By Road

Bus stand Korba, 25 KM.