Disaster Management

Natural Disasters for which Korba is prone can be categorized as follows :-

Floods- Due to excessive rainfall in the Northern Korba and Korea district many times all the gates of Bango dam and Hasdeo Barrage are opened causing mild floods in the low laying area.

Drought- Korba district is also prone for drought situation since the major crop is paddy and mostly it depends upon rainfall. The average rainfall of the district is about 1506.7mm. Total area under mostly crop is about 134494 hec and in that about 109622 hec is paddy area. Only 8.5% area is irrigated in the district. During summer season there is considerable reduction of water table is some areas. The monsoon commence around the middle of the June. Though there is no previous history of drought in Korba district but the changing environmental conditions (global warming) and reduction of ground water table may lead to drought & scarcity in future.

Epidemics – There has been no past history of any big epidemic in the district as such. The topography of this district is such that even today many areas are unreachable and are considered sensible or vulnerable from hazard point of view.

Earthquakes – Although Korba lies in the seismic zone 2, underground mines in the district have made it more vulnerable to earthquakes.

Disaster Relief Help Center
Disaster Relief Control Room Phone No.
 District Level Control Room  07759-228548
Subdivision Korba, Tehsil Korba Control Room  07759-224988
Tehsil Karatala Control Room  07759-282577
Subdivision Katghora, Tehsil Katghora Control Room 07718-86627
Tehsil Pali  0781-250600
 Subdivision Podi Uproda, Tehsil Podi UprodaControl Room  07810-287292
Nagar Nigam Korba  07759-221288