Culture & Heritage

The main language spoken is Hindi. People also speak Chhattisgarhi which is the local dialect. Korba is famous for its cultural diversity. The people celebrate all the festivals with great enthusiasm.

Mainly Pahari Korva and Birhore tribes are major tribe community of district. They generally habitual of living in isolation. They live in hilly and forest areas.

The main tribal festival are: Dev Uthani, Pola, Cherchera, Karma and Hareli.

Hareli  is celebrated during the month of monsoon. Farmers celebrate this festival, it is also known as Hariyali.

Pola is another festival celebrated by peoples, During the festival clay made bullock are worshiped.

Rawat Nacha, Karma Nacha bar Nacha and Suwa are the traditional dances of the district.

The houses in the urban area are Pukka whereas the rural households build their houses with mud and red burnt tiles.