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Korba district was accorded the status of a full fledged revenue district with effect from 25 May, 1998. The district headquarter is Korba city, which is situated on the banks of the confluence of rivers Hasdeo and Ahiran. Korba is the power capital of Chhattisgarh. The district comes under Bilaspur division. The headquarter of Korba districts situated about 200 KM. from the capital city Raipur.

Korba is the power capital of the newly formed state Chhattisgarh. The district comes under Bilaspur division and is inhabited mainly by tribals including the protected tribe Korwas (Pahadi Korwa). Korba is blessed with lush green forest cover, where a sizable number of tribal population is found. The Adivaisis in the forest areas leave in tantum with the environment and have retained their distinctive cultural characteristics and traditional observances.

Particulars Details
Lattitude 22°01′ To 23°01′ North
Longitude 82°07′ To 83°07′ East
Height From Sea Level 304.8 Meter

Korba district is situated in the northern half of the Chhattisgarh state and sourrounded by the districts Korea, Surguja, bilaspur, Janjgir etc. The headquarter of Korba districts situated about 200 KM. from the capital city Raipur. The District’s total area is 7,14,544 hectare out of which 2,83,497 hectares is forest land.


Korba District falls under the hot temperate climate zone and hence the district experiences very hot and dry. Summer season starts from April to mid June. Rainy season due to the South-West Mansoon is from mid June till the end of September. The average rainfall in the district is 1506.7 mm. and normal rainfall is 1287.6 mm.


The main river which is flowing through Korba district is the Hasdeo river start from Pathar in the Valley of Chhota Nagpur. The total length of this river is 233 kms. Its tributaries are Gagechorai, Tan and Ahiran.

Forests play an important role in the social and financial structure of Korba. This district is rich in forest wealth. Korba district has two forest divisions Korba and Katghora.


Inhabitants The people of Korba comes under different religious, social and cultural backgrounds. The main inhabitants are tribals. tribals constitute the majority (51.67%) of the total population. The main scheduled tribes belongs in korba district are Pahadi Korwa, Gond, Raj Gond, Kawar, Bhaiyana, Binjwar, Dhanuhar etc. Satnami, Ganda, Panka etc are comes under the scheduled cast. The main occupation is agriculture. The local language is Chhattisgarhi. Culture Korba district is also famous for its social and cultural diversities. The people of this district mainly celebrated Holi, Dussehra, Christmas and Diwali. The main adivasi festivals are Dev Uthni, Pola, Cherchera, Karma, Hareli etc. Ravat Nacha, Karma Nacha, Suva Nacha are the traditional dances of the Adivasi’s of this district.