Sitamani is situated in the korba city near the rail way station. There is three caves have been formed by cutting the rocks. Among these caves, one of tha cave contains ancient idols of Ram, Sita and Laxman. It is believed that when Rama was lived here during his Vanvas time. There are two foot prints found. The people believed that these are the foots of Sita. There is an ancient stone inscription where there is mention of Vedputra Shrivardhan, resident of Ashtadwar District. There is a big Ram Sita temple at the left side of these caves.

  • Shani Mandir
  • Sitamani Temple Campus
  • Sita Mata
  • Mahadev Sitamani Mandir
  • Shani Mandir Sitamani
  • Sitamani Campus Cow Monument
  • Sita Mata Sitamani
  • Mahadev Sitamani Mandir Korba

How to Reach:

By Air

Swami Vivekanand Airport Raipur is the nearest airport. (200 KM)

By Train

Korba Railway station, 2 KM.

By Road

Bus stand Korba, 2 KM.