Devapahari is situated 58 KM. North East from Korba on the bank of Chornai river. This river made one lovely water fall named Govind Kunj in Devapahari.

  • Devpahari Waterfall
  • Devpahari during Mansoon
  • Devpahari River
  • Devpahari Waterfall Mansoon
  • Devpahari-Waterfall
  • Devpahari Waterfall In Mansoon
  • Devpahari-River
  • Devpahari Waterfall During Mansoon

How to Reach:

By Air

Swami Vivekanand Airport Raipur is the nearest airport. (200 KM)

By Train

Korba Railway station, 60KM.

By Road

Bus stand Korba, 58 KM.