Korbadistrict is situated in the northern hilly area of the state. Most of the land which is plateau of the Maikal ranges of the Satpura hills, is high and low and open. The biggest area of this open land is spread near Pasan. The major hills are Gurudwari Hill, janta Hill, Matin and Dhajak.
Forests play an important role in the social and financial structure of Korba. This area is rich in Forest wealth. The district has two forest divisions namely Korba and Katghora.

Forest Type Sub Division Forest Range Area (Sq. Kms.)
 Protected forest  Korba North  1. Korba
2. Balco
3. Lemru
 Un Classified Forests  Korba South  1. Kartala
2. Kudmura
 Revenue Forest  Katghora
Total   2136.47