Pali is a tehsil headquarter in Korba district. This place situated around 50 km off from the district headquarters on the Korba-Bilaspur road. It is believed that pali was the worship place of Raja Vikramaditya who was a ruler belongs in Banna dynasty. There is an ancient Shiv Mandir , which is situated at the side of large pond. Many other remnenants can also be seen here. This temple is faced towards east and its enterance is in octagonal. Plinth of this temple is upon 5 platforms.

The archetecture of the sculptures carved on this temple are very much similar to the Jai Mandirs Mandirs of Abu Hills and temples of Sohagpur. And it is also very similar to the world famous temple of Khajuraho. Vikramaditya also known as ‘Jayameyu’, who was the son of Mahamandaleswar Malldeo, built it nearly in 870 B.C. In 11th and 12th century the king Jajwalyadeo First of Kalchuri repaired it. His name has been carved on the temple.

The pond near the entrance of this temple has nine corners. This pond has been found to be water filled throughout the year. Two statues and two coins were found here while the archeological department excavated this place for making boundary walls.

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How to Reach:

By Air

Swami Vivekanand Airport Raipur is the nearest airport. (200 KM)

By Train

Korba Railway station, 50 KM and Bilaspur Railway Station 55 KM.

By Road

Bus stand Korba, 50 KM And Bilaspur bus stand 55 KM.